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Make no mistake, climate change is the biggest threat humankind has ever faced. If we continue to emit carbon dioxide at the current rate our planet could be beyond salvation in less than a decade. We need to act fast, and we need to act now, but what can we do? Most books and documentaries that tackle climate change only write about the problem, not the solution.


ZERO-FIFTY bridges that gap by providing the first all-encompassing global solution to climate change. Written by David James-Arnold and Alexa James-Ratzlaff, ZERO-FIFTY starts by creating a vision of what our planet will look like if we choose to ignore the threat of climate change. The authors then graphically explain how our planet can dramatically reduce its energy consumption over the next 35 years. This includes showing how we can substantially reduce the amount of energy our buildings, vehicles and factories consume, all with minimal disruption to our modern lifestyle. Finally, the authors demonstrate how we can power our remaining energy demand using a combination of existing technologies and a selection of highly innovative urban energy generating towers.


Soon to be released, ZERO-FIFTY will be available as an 800+ page book and as an IOS, Android and Windows App. A free online draft is also available on the ZERO-FIFTY website. Visit for more details.


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